Monday, April 24, 2017

This girl use this gigantic "kamoteng kahoy" for this epic reason! Find out why she did this.

In today's era, sometimes we are no longer happy or satisfied with the things we have. Many things can cause this, but sometimes it's the performance of their partners. Right. Some just can't feel that 'pleasure' they wanted to their partners.

But if your single, or just don't want to have an interaction with men but wanted to pleasure your self, especially to women (or even men) you can use dild0s or s3x toys. Some are really b!zarre and uses vegetables like cucumber or eggplants.

Just like this woman who really shook a lot of netizens online after using a gigantic cassava or kamoteng kahoy to please herself.

Read the story here:

See photos below.


9 Bad Habits That You Must Break During Periods! MUST READ

Those 4-6 days in the month are the most uncomfortable for women yet depressing too. Though many things can help us in getting free of menstrual pain, still it’s essential that we ladies take proper care of our health during periods.

Besides maintaining a personal hygiene, these are the habits that you need to stop doing:

  1. If you’re wearing the same pad for the whole day, it can cause infections and produce a bad odor. Change your pad in every 3-5 hours, whether you’re bleeding heavily or low.
  2. You are already feeling pain, thus do not push yourselves in giving more pain. Do not do things like waxing or planning a root canal.
  3. If you’re having unprotected s3x during periods, there are high chances of getting infections.
  4. You can harm your body and give strain to it if you do rigorous exercises during period.

  5. You’re already losing a lot of energy and blood from your body. Therefore, it is not advisable to skip meals during periods.
  6. Avoid cravings for food in the middle of the night as it will do harm to your body. It is not able to digest all that greasy food which gets in.
  7. Though the menstrual cramps make it difficult for girls to sleep at night but it is recommended to have a good night’s sleep and relax your body because of the strain that you’ve experienced whole day.
  8. Milk products can worsen the cramps during your period as they contain arachidonic acid, thus avoid consuming them.
  9. Avoid involving yourself in depressing activities like watching distressing movies and listening to sad songs as it may affect the psychological health of any women.

Early Warning Signs Of Lung Cancer That Women Should Never Ignore!

Lung cancer is one of the most popular kind of cancer that can happen in both men and women.

However, the indications of lung cancer from both gender can differ, so it is useful to know the symptoms expected for your gender.

Lung Cancer in Women

Lung cancer in women is called adenocarcinoma and it happens on the external part of the lungs and its signs are less noticeable than the other types of lung cancer.

In many cases, adenocarcinoma tumors can become large and spread throughout the body before they are detected.

Early symptoms are:

• Fatigue
• Back and shoulder pain
• Shortness of breath when exercising
Once the cancer grows the following symptoms appear:
• Coughing up mucus or phlegm tinged with blood
• Coughing up blood
• Hoarse voice

• Harsh sound when breathing (medically referred to as stridor)
• Increased mucus and a change in color
• Persistent cough
• Pain in chest, shoulders and back
• Shortness of breath

Adenocarcinoma is a type of cancer that is difficult to detect, it can often spread to other parts of the body and may only be noticed when it reaches its most advanced stages.

Once it is spread in such a manner, the symptoms can be felt in different parts of the body.

The most common parts of the body that lung cancer effects include lymph nodes, bones, brain, liver and adrenal glands.

This can cause some other symptoms like:

• Loss of appetite and unexplained weight loss
• Blood clots
• Bone fractures that are not caused by accidental injury
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Joint or bone pain
• Loss of memory
• Loss of muscle mass
• Neck or face swelling


Creepy Photos of a headless doctor will surely scared the hell out of you!

A photo was uploaded by a netizen named Leslie Ursabia on facebook gone viral because of it's scary but interesting content!

On the facebook post, she said, "Anong gagawin mo pag ganito yung nakit mo while at the ER at 12mn? Mag papa-ospital ka pa ba?"

What will you do if you saw this while at the ER (emergency room) at 12 midnight? Would you still hospitalized yourself?

Another netizen tells that the person who took the picture should've notified the headless man because there's an old saying that it's a sign that he's about to die or something is going to happen to him. Creepy isn't it? See the pictures below.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

VIRAL! Girl tells her boyfriend that their having a baby but his reply will surely make you crazy!

In today's modern society, early pregnancy is not something new. Teenagers nowadays are getting pregnant before they finish their studies. And because of that, some are forced to drop out from their schools.

Just like this story of a netizen that went viral after being dumped by her boyfriend because he finds out that she's pregnant.

Read her story below.



‘Weightlifting Fairy’ Couple.. Lee Sung-Kyung and Nam Joo-Hyuk Allegedly Dating!

Korean actors Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk are reportedly in a relationship for five months.

According to the sources, the actors that appeared closer to the MBC drama “Weightlifting Fairy: Kim Bok Joo” and grown into a sweetheart back the end of last January.

An official from the broadcasting company announced, “The affection of the two people is so deep that the people surround them recognize and cheer up.”

On the other hand, Lee Sung Kyung is a supermodel, and she has been working in several fashion shows and magazine models. She made her appearance as an actress through SBS drama ‘It’s okay, I’m in love’ in 2014. Nam Joo Hyuk is also a model, and in 2014, he appeared in TVN drama ‘Surplus Princess’ and started to develop his activities as an actor.

Watch a clip from their show here:


Will you still get a haircut to this barber? Watch his strange way of doing it and you'll probably freak out!

Nowadays a lot of us really wants to improve the way others see us physically. Especially to men. They also use their physical appearance to impress or get the girl of their dreams. They even go to facials, they buy fashionable clothes, and pulled out a nice haircut for a clean look.

But will you still get a haircut if this guy will do it?

A viral video of a barber is now getting the attention of several netizens online because of it's very unusual way of serving his clients.

On the video, this barber was using an ax and a hammer to cut his customer's hair. Usually, barbers use different scissors and razors to get their customer's desired look. But his client seem to be used to this and not complaining about it.

Watch the video below.