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Warning! Never Ever Ignore These Signs If You Have A Bloated Stomach! Or else...

Stomach bloating has become an issue with epidemic dimension. Pollution from the environment, stress, various meds and improper diet are some of the reasons that can cause bloated stomach.

There is murmuring and burping in the stomach and it is actually gaseous and full. Bacterial overgrowth in the intestines, too much carbonated drinks, intolerance to some foods, thyroid dysfunctions, hormonal imbalance, irritable bowel syndrome, swallowing extra air, heartburn and reflux and overeating often trigger the stomach bloating.

The stomach can indicate many serious issues if the bloating is chronic, and that is the reason why you should be careful of all the indicators and warnings of these issues.
  • Ovarian Cancer
Feeling full faster, pelvic pain and persistent bloating are the symptoms of this type of cancer. People over 50 are the most at risk age group. Genetics, obesity, not giving birth, late age are some other factors of ovarian cancer.

  • Uterine Cancer
Pain with urinating and intercourse, pelvic pain, vaginal discharge and vaginal bleeding manifest this type of cancer. However, genetics, radiation therapy, tamoxifen and estrogen medications in the absence of progesterone are the most common symptoms of uterine cancer.

  • Stomach Cancer
The early stages of this type of cancer have not almost any signs and symptoms, so stomach cancer is very difficult to be diagnosed. Nausea, vomiting, flatulence, indigestion and weight loss are the symptoms in the advanced stages. Nitrites and nitrates from the meat and processed foods are the main reason for this type of cancer.

  • Pancreatic Cancer
Jaundice together with bloating can be the sign for this kind of cancer. Pain in the back, abdominal area, appetite loss and weight loss are the other symptoms for the most fatal type of cancer – pancreatic cancer.

  • Colon Cancer
Bloating can be also caused if you suffer from colon cancer because it can block the inside of the colon. The bloating is only symptom of this cancer and it is accompanied with bleeding and constipation in its advanced stage.

  •  Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
This illness can be caused by some STD such as Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. When the reproductive organs of the fame get infected, this disease occurs. Pain in the pelvic area, tendonitis, bloating and fever are the most common signs for this issue. Vaginal discharge is also one of the symptoms for this illness which can cause infertility.

  •  Chron’s Disease
The colon and the small intestines are often affected by this autoimmune disease. The earliest symptom of this issue is bloating and can eventually lead to bowel obstruction, resulting in vomiting, nausea and severe bloating.

  •  Diverticulitis
An inflammation of the diverticulum in the colon often caused this issue and it is related with constipation, diarrhea, fever, pain in the abdomen and bloating. When the inflammation is over, you have to increase the consumption of fibers.

  • Weight loss
It can be a warning of an intestinal tumor if you have not changed your diet or physical activity and lose up to 10% or more of your body weight. The tumors pressing of the intestines make you feel fuller and supper your appetite, thus causing sudden weight loss.

  •  Bowel Obstruction
If the bloating triggers constipation, nausea and vomiting, it can be a result of bowel obstruction, actually caused by scar tissue and tumors. They press on the bowels and then obstruct them when these start growing. Irregular bowel movements are often caused by this repulsive and painful problem.

  • Liver Disease
Cirrhosis of liver disease can cause liver disease which is often caused by liver cancer, heavy drinking, drug overdose and hepatitis. Yellowing of the eyes and skin are also the signs for lover disease.

  • Fluid Retention ( Ascites or Edema)
Abdomen and pelvic area are often accumulated with fluids, and this actually causes too much bloating and excess weight loss. Liver disease is one of the most common reason ofthis issue.

  •  Digestive Problems
People who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcerative colitis, celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome have symptoms such as distension, bloating and gas. According to some scientific studies, bloating is actually experienced by 26 and 93 % of the individuals who suffer from IBS, 56% with chronic constipation and 50 % with dyspepsia.

ATTENTION! Never Throw Away These Silica Gel Bags Ever Again! Here's the reason why!

Just because we consider and believe that silica gel bags that often find in shoe box are toxic and completely useless, you usually put them in the garbage.

These 8 useful tips will make our lives easier and do not get rid of them next time when you will buy something new with these bags.

However, they are not poisonous. They are actually filled with silicon dioxide, which is actually very useful. Here how you can use these gal bags:

#1 Put them between towels

By putting a few of these in the towel cabinet, prevent your towels form smelling unpleasant and getting damp.

#2 Put silica gel bags in the gym bag

Protecting the shoes and absorbing the extra moisture are the main purposes of these bags. Bacteria mostly exist in moist and damp environments, so the gal bags will help you to eliminate germs and dampness from your gym bag. The foul odor can be also eliminated by them.

#3  Stop the windows from fogging up

Especially in the damp season, a lot of problems can be caused by foggy car windows. These bags are real lifesaver in the winter. Put a few bags under the windshield from the inside and your windows will not be foggy tomorrow.

You will save yourself 10 min needed to clean them up so this is the fastest way to stop the windows from fogging up.

#4 The razors will last longer

Instead of leaving the razor around in the wet bath, put it in a plastic box with several bags inside.

#5 Save your old photos

The old photos are quite dear to our hearts and sole reminders of our past, but they usually deteriorate with time. In the box of old photos, put several couples of silica gel bags to save them from the dampness that often ruin them.

#6 Save your drowned phone

When your mobile phone gets all wet, instead of pitting in a rice, do the same with these bags. Take a jar and fill it with them and then put the mobile in. The results are very effective.

#7 Protect the make up

To stop the powdery make up from curdling, every woman has to possess these bags in her purse.

#8 Dry out flowers quickly 

These amazing little packets are great for quickening the drying process of flowers. Put a few in a plastic bag along with the flowers and your job is done — the perfect moment of a special occasion!

If you already use them for something we have not mentioned above, please share with us, everybody can learn something new.

Here's A Secret Way For Reshaping Your Nose Naturally!

Most ladies are very receptive when it comes to their bodily features, particularly facial characteristic. One of those features is the nose. If you are not satisfied with the state of your nose then you are one of many women in this world who could be helped by the video that we are showing for you below.

Watch the video carefully and take your times as it provides you with tips and tricks that you will not see anywhere else. The video will help you to shape your nose any way you like it to be shaped.

Share us your thoughts and comments below. Thank you so much for dropping by and reading this blog post. For more posts about health, don’t hesitate and feel free to visit our website more often and please share this to your friends.

VIRAL! Street Vendor Used All His Savings To Buy A Smartphone For Daughter After Quitting School

A certain street vendor used his entire savings just to buy a smartphone for his daughter after quitting school for she was the only one who had not.

Nowadays, a lot of people were very materialistic. They were trying to fascinate other people with the stuff which they can’t really afford just to be modernized on the trend.

Smartphone is one of the people’s obsessions, especially the younger generation. Most youths don’t let their phone leave their side and they were always checking their phone to be updated in the social media.

A street vendor in Indonesia was forced to used his entire saving jus to buy his daughter a smartphone after quitting school. His daughter allegedly quit from school because she was the only one who does not have a smartphone in their class.

The vendor used his IDR 6M or about $640 to buy the smartphone, which he will give to his daughter in order she would get back to school and have a better future, according to Social Pees blog.

Many netizens give adorations and admiration to the selfless vendor, who’s willing to sacrifice for his child. But there are some netizens who slammed him and called him stupid for spoiling his daughter.

However, no one can judge the vendor’s situation especially if he only wanted his daughter to finish her studies and have a better future. All we can do for now is to hope that his sacrifice won’t go in vain and his daughter would appreciate his effort.

This story should take this story as a lesson to appreciate our parent’s effort despite all the hardships in life and realize that material things were not that necessary. What can you say about this vendor who used his saving just to buy a smartphone for his daughter?

9 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Having S*x!

Break-ups, work, travel – there are many different reasons why your sx may be stalled.

Probably many of you are familiar with the fact that active s*x life has several health benefits, but did you know that abstaining from s*x actually is bad for you?

Namely, nonexistent s*x life may affect on you: physically or mentally. Below you can read 9 things that may happen if you don’t have sx on regular basis:
     Men, watch out for prostate cancer

Those guys who don’t have it may miss out on the prostate-protecting perks of frequent trysts. Namely, the frequent ejaculations may remove potentially harmful substances from the prostate.

     You’re more susceptible to colds and flu

You may reduce the exposure to germs if you have s*x frequently. Researchers at Wilkes-Barre University in Pennsylvania discovered that people who make love once or twice a week have even 30% boost in immunoglobulin A (IgA), compared to those who had s*x seldom or never. The study authors explain that one of the body’s first lines of defense against viruses is IgA.

     Your cardiovascular health might suffer

Quality s*xual life is associated with cardiovascular health. Moreover, entering a s*x drought removes the hormonal and aerobic boost. Still, there aren’t many studies about what precisely happens to the heart after a period without s*xual activity.

     Insecurities about your relationship could start creeping in

According to experts, if you don’t make love, that has influence on your happiness, closeness and relationship security.

Les Parrott, PhD, a psychologist, and author of “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” says: “Going without s*x in a marriage can deliver a hit to your self-esteem, engender guilt, and decrease levels of oxytocin and other bonding hormones. It can also increase fears that one of you will look to others for your s*xual needs, which can breed a little paranoia.”

     Your risk for erectile dysfunction, um, rises.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Medicine, those man who don’t have s*x frequently, are even twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction. As study’s authors suggest, due to the fact that penis is a muscle, frequent s*x may help preserve potency just like the physical exercise helps in maintaining strength.

     You may feel down in the dumps—but not for the reason you think.

The longer women go without making love, they feel more depressed. Still, not in all cases, the lack of s*x got them down. One study team discovered that women whose partners use condoms felt depressed too.

As researchers explain, certain compounds found in semen, including melatonin, serotonin and oxytocin have incredible mood-boosting benefits for women who have unprotected interc0urse. Still, don’t forget that there are many risks if you practice unprotected s*x.

     You’ll feel more anxious

It is interesting that s*x helps people to blow off steam. Namely, during s*x, human brain releases feel-good chemicals, such as endorphins and oxytocin. Researchers say that these chemicals actually make you feel more at ease.

     Your libido might drop

Some experts are convinced that period of abstinence will lessen s*xual desire over time, while some experts disagree. The reason for that is because your body dampens a hormonal response to arousal. However, that is personal matter and depends on your own s*xual experiences.

     You won’t be as intelligent as you could be

There is an old wife’s tale says that abstinence makes you more intelligent. Still, the truth is actually the opposite: scientists have proved that s*xual activity boosts neuron growth in the brain’s hippocampus.

Moreover, abstinence does not make the brain grow at all. If you have suddenly become immensely productive for first time in period of 2 months, that doesn’t mean that your brain is improving.

Attention to women between the ages of 16 & 44! You Must Not Ignore This Sympotoms Or Else...

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder that affects young girls and women of reproductive age. Women between the ages of 16 and 44 are the target group. Nevertheless, it may also afflict girls under the age of 11.

Approximately 1 in every 10 to 15 females in America have PCOS.

Some of the usual factors are obesity, lack of physical exercise, family history of PCOS and overproduction of the male hormone, testosterone. Moreover, insulin resistance is also one of the risk factors.

Insulin is the hormone responsible for lowering the blood sugar. In case of insulin resistance, the insulin is not able to lower the blood sugar, and as a consequence it raises to dangerous levels.
Therefore, the body produces more insulin, therefore the insulin levels become too high.


PCOS causes infertility. Namely, it leads to anovulatory infertility, meaning there is no ovulation. The reproductive process in which a mature egg is produced by the ovaries is called ovulation. This egg might or might not be fertilized by sperm.

PCOS cannot be cured, but implementing some lifestyle changes can help with controlling the symptoms. Moreover, certain medications, like birth control pills, clomiphene and metformin are common treatments.

Some women also try cosmetic treatments like laser to reduce the physical symptoms.

Early Sings: A Growing Concern

Women usually do not pay much attention to PCOS symptoms. As a consequence, they discover that they have this disorder when they find it difficult to stay pregnant.

According to a study from 2005 around $4.36 billion are spend every year on diagnostic procedures and medical care in America.

Here are some of the most common symptoms of PCOS.
  1. Irregular Periods
Irregular periods are the most common sign of PCOS. This disorder triggers production of testosterone, which then leads to formation of cysts in your ovaries. These cysts then stop the release of the egg, preventing menstruation.
Irregular periods during the teenage years are considered normal, but in some cases it can be a sign of PCOS.
  1. Absence of Menstruation (Primary Amenorrhea)
Primary amenorrhea occurs when a girl does not get her period until she is 16 or 18 years old. This may be due to high testosterone levels, which prevent the release of eggs, thus preventing menstruation.
  1. Excessive Body and Facial Hair
This condition is known as hirsutism, and it happens as a consequence of high levels of testosterone. Women have excess hair on the chin and jaw area, the upper lip, arms, thighs, legs, stomach and chest.
  1. Loss of Hair and Hair Thinning
If you are losing a lot of hair while washing your hair, or there are strands of hair on your pillow you might have PCOS. Hair loss and hair thinning is a usual symptom of hormonal imbalance.
  1. Acne
If your acne haven’t disappeared after your 20s, you could be afflicted with PCOS. Persistent acne occur as a consequence of overproduction of testosterone. This type of acne usually pop up around the jaw line, the chin, the cheeks and the upper neck. These remain longer than the usual acne and occur before the menstrual cycle.
  1. Weight Gain, Obesity and Inability to Shed Pounds
It does not have to mean that all women with PCOS are obese, but they are not slim either. Women with PCOS have slower metabolism. Approximately 50 % of women with PCOS are obese or overweight, and the majority have notable abdominal fat.
The inability to lose weight is one the most usual symptoms.
  1. High Blood Pressure
This condition may lead to cardiovascular complications. Hypertension is a usual symptom in women with PCOS. If a women has high blood pressure, is obese or overweight and also has other symptoms of PCOS, she may be an undiagnosed PCOS patient.
  1. Abnormal Skin Discoloration
PCOS may cause skin abnormalities such as black or brown patches, which appear in skin folds like forehead, neck folds, armpits, navel, between the thighs, breasts, round the groin region and sometimes on the hands, knees and elbows. This is known as acanthosis nigricans.
Moreover, these patches can be accompanied by tiny-skin colored growths which look like warts and they hang from the skin.
  1. Stress
Stress comes as a by-product of any physical or mental condition. Patients with PCOS are exposed to stress as a consequence of hirsutism.
If you are constantly stressed that stress is accompanied with other symptoms, you could be suffering from PCOS.
  1. Depression
Depression is yet another manifestation of psychological distress which comes with any hormonal imbalance. Patients with PCOS are depressed as a consequence of the symptoms and the repercussions that are part of their everyday life.

Here's How That Spots On Your Face Appear? And How To Treat It

As you age, you understand how wrinkles can make you much older than you really are. But there are other villain that add to your age as much as wrinkles do. What are they?

Those dark spots on your face. They ruin pretty skin and are clearly unattractive. Sure, you can cover them with makeup but you would want to address the root of the problem.

When skin is exposed to the sun, it causes an increase in the production of cells known as melanocytes that increase melanin in the skin, thus turning the skin darker.

These dark skin patches are known as brown spots, age spots, dark spots and sun spots.

But don’t worry. There are a lot of ways on how to get rid of dark spots on face including this simple home remedies and using potato as the main ingredient:

1. Potato and lemon

1 potato
juice of ½ lemon

Preparation: first blend the potato and then add the lemon juice and mix well until you get homogenous mixture.

Use: Apply this home remedy on your face with gentle circular movements. Leave it act for 20 minutes and wash off your face with water.

2. Potato and onion

1 potato
½ white onion
Preparation: put the ingredients in a blender and mix until you get homogeneous mixture.

Use: Apply the resulted mixture on the affected areas of your face. Let it act for 15 minutes and wash your face with water.

3. Potato and cucumber

You need:
1 potato
½ cucumber

Preparation: put the potato and the cucumber in a blender and mix until the ingredients are united.

Use: with gentle circular movements apply this with on your face. Let it act about 25 minutes and wash off with plenty of water.

4. Potato and carrot

1 potato
½ carrot

Preparation: put the potato and carrot in a blender and blend until you get homogenous and smooth paste.

Use: apply the resulted mask on your face with gentle movements. Let it act for 20 minutes and wash off with plenty of water.

Potato contains natural enzymes and starch as well as vitamin C. Potato juice acts as a more natural and gentler version of homemade sugar scrubs. It exfoliates your skin and removes the dead cells, eventually diminishing your dark spots.