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Attention Women from 16-40 years old and still have their period! You Must Know These And You Shouldn't Ignore Them!

The first time a girl gets her period is a defining time in her life. It indicates important biological diversity in her body and indicates she is now able to conceive a child.

Each month when you get your period, also known as menstruation, your body sheds the lining of the uterus. The menstrual blood pass through the cervix and out of the body through the vag!na. A typical period lasts anywhere from 3 to 7 days.

Why You Get Your Periods

Every month, an egg begins to grow in one of your ovaries. After it is fully developed, it leaves the ovary and travels to the uterus through the fallopian tube. This process is called ovulation.

During this time, the level of estrogen (a female hormone) in your body starts to increase and causes the uterine lining to thicken.

If you have interc0urse and the man’s sperm reaches the egg and fertilizes it, the egg secures itself to the thickened uterine wall, and you become pregnant.

If the egg is not fertilized, it disintegrates and the uterine lining sheds and is eliminated from the body in the form of period discharge.

1. Changes Before Your Period may Mimic Pregnancy

Not all pregnancy-associated reactions of your body indicate actual pregnancy. Your periods could trigger the onset of such symptoms, too.

Your body thickens and prepares the lining of your uterus in case a pregnancy occurs. It secretes certain hormones that contribute to creating this uterine lining that will secure and nourish the embryo.

When your body secretes said hormones, such as progesterone, it may result in body changes similar to what occurs with pregnancy, such as water retention resulting in stomach bloating.

You may also suffer other symptoms characteristics of pregnancy, such as nausea, vomiting, and a backache.

2. Prolonged or Heavy Bleeding may Indicate Fibroids

Some women’s periods may last longer than the typical 3 to 7 days, but they may discount the importance of that as well.

Heavy bleeding during periods and cycles that stretch beyond 7 or 8 days might be indicative of a fibroid growth. A fibroid is a noncancerous, fibrous and muscular growth that appears in or around the uterus.

You may also notice the presence of blood clots in your menstrual flow. This, too, can be a sign of fibroids.

3. Excessive Menstrual Pain may Indicate Endometriosis

Abdominal pain and cramps are common complaints during period cycles when the uterine wall is shedding itself.

Endometriosis is an inflammatory disorder in which the uterine tissue, that is typically supposed to grow and stay inside the uterus, grows outside the uterus. This tissue also forms the uterine lining, which breaks down during periods.

If the blood and disintegrated tissue no longer have an exit route out of the body. Over time, this causes painful swelling and lesions, which become even more painful during periods.

4. Irregular Periods may Indicate a Hormonal Disorder

If irregular periods accompany other symptoms, such as obesity, excessive facial and body hair, hair loss and acne, it could be a sign of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

These cysts stop the eggs from being released from the ovaries and obstruct the entire menstruation process. This causes often-missed periods.

5. Stress can Intensify PMS Symptoms

Many women suffer the pain of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), a disorder commonly affecting women right before the onset of their monthly cycle and characterized by stress, anxiety, moodiness, depression, anger, fatigue, mild body aches as well as occasional bloating, and breast tenderness and swelling.

These symptoms often defy their name and persist through the period cycle. If this has been happening to you, it might just be your body’s way of telling you that you are stressed.

High levels of stress before the onset of monthly cycles were found to be positively associated with aggravated PMS before and during the cycle.

6. Abrupt Absence of Period may Indicate Low BMI & Affect Fertility

The BMI measures the amount of fat in your body.

If you are suffering irregular periods, check your BMI. Low fat coerces the body into an emergency mode, causing it to focus on performing only the most crucial and life-sustaining functions. Thus, the body may stop menstruating.

This may have a huge effect on your fertility. If you are not having periods, your ovaries will not release eggs for ovulation and subsequent fertilization.

A BMI of less than 18.5 was positively associated with infertility in females.

7. Your Period Does Not Protect You from Pregnancy

The sooner this myth is banished, the better. Yes, the probability of conceiving during your period is less because you have just passed an ovulation cycle and your next ovulation cycle is still days away.

However, there are a few exceptions. A menstruation cycle is the length of time between your last period and your next. Many women have a typical 28- to 30-day cycle. If you are one of them, the chances of getting pregnant when engaging in int3rcourse during your period are less.

In a shorter cycle, ovulation occurs earlier. Since sperm can survive in your body for up to 5 days, you could conceive right after your period stops even though you had interc0urse days earlier.

If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, use a condom no matter what time of the month it is.

8. Period Abnormalities may Indicate Thyroid Issues

Period abnormalities can take many forms, and they can all be indicative of thyroid problems.

Whether you have less frequent and irregular periods, heavy periods or no periods at all, these could all be symptoms of a thyroid disorder.

Furthermore, thyroid issues can also trigger early menarche (onset of menstruation or the first time a girl gets her period) or delay it.

Women with thyroid problems suffer period irregularities, infertility and an unhealthy sense of morbidity during pregnancy.

Getting your thyroid checked would be a wise choice if you have been suffering menstrual irregularities and aren’t sure why.

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If Your Wrist Bone Looks Similar To This, Here What It Means!

Have you ever ask why you get goosebumps if becomes chilly? Of course, the human body is a place to various untold mysteries, development for instance.

We all know who our ancestors were, to a pretty much extent. Knowing more about our ancestors can actually support us take better care of our bodies. Some of our bodily characteristics are associated to the animals we are descendants of. Some of those are mentioned here.

Here's how you can know what ancestor you belong to:

Here's how you can know what ancestor you belong to:

Place your arm on a flat surface. Bring your thumb and pinky finger close and tip your hand slightly up. If there's a raised band...

If there's a raised band...

It's a VESTIGIAL muscle in your arm! The lifted part is a tendon missing in about 15% humans.

The lifted part is a tendon missing in about 15% humans.

It is called the Palmaris longus. Vestigial organs based on our ancestors. If Palmaris longus is present in the body, it means the ancestor mammals used all four legs for their everyday chores.

The reason behind goosebumps...

It's the contracting muscles. When the muscles surrounding the hair contract in the cold, the skin above the hair follicle rises and creates a bump. This happens to animals too! The raised hair increases the space for the amount of insulation in furry mammals.

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14 Mind-blowing Facts About People With Dimples And What Makes Them So Special.

What makes dimpled people so special? Well, the solution lies in the question – dimpled people are unique!

Some people spent half of their life wondering why do people get dimples on their cheeks when most of the people they see and know, don't. Now for all those who wonder about our natural "dents," here's some piece of interesting information for you. And to those who has these cute dimples, let's flaunt our dimples more because we are more special than what we assume to be!

1. You are the chosen one!

 14. They make the person look younger; all they gotta do is smile!

Only 20% of the world's total population is blessed with dimples.

2. A blessing in disguise!

Dimples are a facial muscle deformity and there's a term for it - zygomaticus major. Who wouldn't love to have this defect? In fact, cosmetic surgeons get flooded with requests from "non-dimpled/ordinary" people to get dimpled cheeks! (no offense intended to non-dimpled people).

3. Dimpled people go on to become immensely popular.

4. They are full of life and know how to live life to the fullest!

They are the life of every party!

5. Their selfies never seem to be irritating.

Irrespective of the number of selfies they post, you won't get tired of looking at them; dimples are too cute to be irritating or spiteful!

6. Born charmers!

They can sweep you off your feet in an instant, effortlessly!

7. Their crush can never have enough of them.

If you happen to have a crush on a dimpled person, you are gonna be "crushed" forever!

8. None of their pics ever looks disgusting!

Those dimples always cover up any embarrassments or defects.

9. Sweet/cute and sexy!

9. Sweet/cute and sexy!

Sweet/cute and sexy is a rare combination, but not for people with dimples. Dimples can make a sweet person look sexy and vice-versa. I love the versatility!

10. Have you heard of or seen pierced dimples?!

While others flaunt their pierced belly buttons, lips or eyebrows, you can grab all the attention with your pierced dimples! Not everyone can ape the look, for not everyone has dimples ;-)

11. Their friends love to play with their dimples.

How cute is that! Imagine those dimples filled with a dollop of chocolate mousse....

12. Reliability and dependability are a given!

Though a majority of humans find it difficult to take dimpled people seriously, they are quite reliable, consistent, and dependable.

13. They look cute even while smirking.

13. They look cute even while smirking.

That's certainly an added attraction! Anyone who begs to differ?

14. They make the person look younger; all they gotta do is smile!

Dimples have a charming effect on anyone who isn't blind or jealous or hates you. They can instantly take years off your age and render you "cute" and "awww-some".

Sleeping With A Pillow? Is It Harmful To For Your Health? Read the shocking truth here!

It is a never-ending arguable discussion that whether sleeping with a pillow is good or bad for your health.

Experts have come out with various solutions and numerous explanations, but even after going through all the studies and articles, when we share a bed with someone new (relatives or friends) we do discuss the benefits and downsides of sleeping with a pillow.

Well, leaving all up to you, I would just like to discuss a few disagreements in the advantages of sleeping with or without a pillow.

In the ancient times, stone, ceramic or wooden pillows were used in order to prevent insects from entering ears, nose, and mouth while sleeping. Later, versions of pillows comprised those of jade, bamboo, and porcelain. But unlike today, they were not made for comfort. The ages have suggested that people have always resorted to keeping their heads on a comparatively raised bar in order to make their sleep more comfortable.

In the present day, there comes a variety of pillows to suit and benefit you in various ways.

#Pillow Type 1: Thinner Pillows

This type of pillow is great for the ones who sleep on their back since it helps in preventing the head from being too far forwards.

#Pillow Type 2: Firm, Thick Pillows

People sleeping on the sides should use this type of pillow since these are specially designed to fill the space between the shoulder and ear.

#Pillow Type 3: Thin, Flat Pillows

Such pillows are good for the sleepers who prefer sleeping on their stomach. Some stomach sleepers do not place a pillow beneath their head rather they put it under their stomach which helps to prevent lower back pain.

#Pillow Type 4: Cervical Pillows

These pillows help in supporting your neck.

However, sleeping without a pillow has its own merits.

#1 Facial Benefits

People argue that sleeping without a pillow can help in reducing the wrinkles. Other facial benefits are also involved, and the reason can be attributed to the fact that the facial skin does not get squished against a pillow.

#2 Spinal Benefits

Sleeping without a pillow allows the spine to rest by the natural curves of your body. While sleeping with a thick pillow can also displace your spine.

#3 Neck Benefits

While the common treatments for shoulder and neck pain involve stretching and heating pads, sleeping without a pillow is the best remedy to prevent pain in shoulder and neck from occurring.

#4 Alignment benefits

It is believed that sleeping without a pillow helps to straighten and normalize the bone structure. Also, by sleeping without a pillow, the problems of humpback can be minimized.
The choice is yours, whatever you choose, go not only with your comfort but also with your health benefit. Since both of them have merits of their own.

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Attention Ladies! Those Skinny Jeans Can Harm Your Health! Here's why...

Next time, before buying jeans, pick a pair which is the most suitable to you, and not just checking out the taste of your style. Always try pants before buying it, and while trying just bend over to check its level of comfort. It should give proper flexibility and mobility to your legs, especially thighs and buttocks. Never try to fit in clothes of small size. You may end up harming your body.

People who have a large belly and like to wear low-waist jeans to hide their fat may end up harming their health.  There are huge difficulties hidden in these low-waist jeans. These may compliment your figure and may be good in fashion sense, but its long-term effects are disastrous.

Out clothes mold our body shape. That is why we are ordered to wear bras, which will prevent our breasts from sagging in early age. Similarly, to hide belly fat, if we wear tight jeans, the fat will push up and accumulate, and your body will take a weird and abnormal shape.

Doctors have suggested how bad this hipster garment is for all of us. It is important not to overstate the risks of wearing such clothes. But still, some stubborn minds have decided not to give up on this clothing.

Not only for women but wearing tight jeans can be equally hazardous to men as well. It can adversely affect their infertility and damage their testicles. Doctors had named this problem as "compartment syndrome," which means the cause of harm to one's nerves and muscles due to tight clothes.

A 35-year-old woman is actually found to be suffering from 'compartment syndrome'. She often complained of leg pain. When been checked, she had severe internal bleeding and swelling in leg muscles. In the hospital, doctors had to cut off her pants to take them out of her legs. This injury kept her devoid of walking for a few weeks.

Some medical reports also revealed that women had abnormally high levels of creatine kinase enzyme in their body, which signals muscle damage and if not treated, in the long term, it may also affect the kidneys.

Skinny jeans are meant to add on to our beauty, not to change the way we are. The gift of our body is very precious, and we should accept it the way it is.

Clothing is designed to flaunt the shape we have, and not designed to build a shape we don't have by taking such risks.

Several Health Benefits That You Can Get From Eating 'Saging na Saba' MUST READ

There may be several kinds of banana in the whole but there’s no other world banana fruit can ever match to the nutrients that a Cardava Banana in the Philippines can provide. According to the Doctors of Ministry in Alternative Medicines or DMAM, it was determined that a cardava banana or also known as “Saba Banana” in the Philippines has the greatest nutrient content among other banana fruit.

This fruit was usually produced in the Philippines and in other Asian Countries. Most Filipinos preferred to eat it cooked but according to the DMAM, it was showed that when you eat cooked banana, you will only get a minimum amount of nutrients because the nutrients that apparently you will get from the fruit had already lost its value. Never eat it cooked next time because the nutrients will change and turned into acidic form so better eat it raw.

Among other banana trees, Cardava banana has the deepest root. This is the reason why it was known for its richness in nutrients as it can absorb more nutrient in the soil. There are also numerous health benefits that this fruit can contribute to your body such as:

They Can Help Regulate Body Circulatory System
This fruit is also rich in potassium, so it is also helpful for regulating your body circulatory system by delivering oxygen to the brain, helps maintain the regular heartbeat of your heart and the proper balance of water content in the body. Best in reducing stokes and regulates blood pressure in short, good at promoting over all circulatory health system.

Source Of Vitamins, Minerals And Natural Energy
If you get tired during the days activity and you feel like your energy are already drained, just eat 2 banana and it will surely provide you enough source that would help your body regained its energy. No need for you to have a caffeine in the morning.

Helps Stop Constipation
Banana has this natural source of fiber. If you feel constipated, banana will help restore and decrease constipation problems without causing you a diarrhea.

Eliminates Hangover
No doubt, after a long night of party, you will surely get hangover in the next morning. Banana is good source of vitamins that replenished the body which helps reduce the effect of hangover.

Helps You Quit From Smoking
Having a hard time quitting smoking? Banana will help you with that because it consists of B vitamins and other types of minerals that reduces the effect of nicotine in physical and psychological. Also, B6 vitamins definitely helps reduces menstrual pain and regulates the temperature of a pregnant women.

Treats Ulcer
Banana helps reduce acidity in your stomach, reduces the irritation from your digestive system and promotes intestinal health through leaving a protective coating on the inner walls. If you have a heartburn, banana also acts as a natural antacid that helps quickly soothe the burn.

Here is the photo shows the nutrition facts of the Cardava Banana (Saba Banana).

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VIRAL! CCTV footage of this guy do will surely leave you in total shock! Watch till the end!

When we're talking about "The call of nature"... we cannot really withstand or forbear this kind of feeling or situation.

Just like this guy who badly need a restroom but unfortunately, there's no toilet nearby to exert his erupting rump.

Good thing he found a place, but it was in the back of a parked vehicle, where he could hide and burst his feelings.

He didn't notice that there's a CCTV that's why the authorities saw the ridiculous thing he did.

Watch the video below and you'll surely laugh!

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