Friday, January 6, 2017

You've Been Pooping Wrong Your Entire Life And You Don't Even Know About It!

They tell life is experienced when you're discovering something. And as we all do know, there's more to learn for us never to be ready to make the manner of learning in our whole life! Some people learn the easy way, and some the hard way, through horrible accidents!

But well, here's something to learn, but do brace yourself, because it's going to be a major shocker! You've been pooping the wrong way your entire life!

Read on to see why, and what the correct way is?

You've been pooping the wrong way since the day you were born! Can you even believe it?

Well, basically if you're a western person, then you've been doing your business the wrong way all this time. And here's the correct way to do it.

Correct way to poop

This gives you a good idea of where you've been going wrong? See, posture matters!

Correct way to poop

Scientists from the Pelvic Floor Clinic at Stanford University, are saying that our bodies are created in such way that makes it more natural for it to squat while we poop, rather than to sit.

Studies suggest that sitting while pooping can cause hernias, inflammatory bowel disease, colon cancer, diverticulosis, and hemorrhoids because of improper strain that it imparts.

Correct way to poop
In a 2003 study, the researchers divided random subjects into three groups, each into a different position, and studied the outcomes of their bathroom experiences.

The first group was sat on a lower toilet, the second group sat on a higher toilet, and the third group squatted, and results of their bathroom experiences were studied.

Correct way to poop
See now where you've been going so gravely wrong all these years? And it does make a lot of sense too, even as a layman, doesn't it?

Correct way to poop
Now that you know what's been wrong with your posture, you'd probably want to change your potty style, right? Well, here's a product that you might just find useful!

Correct way to poop
Watch the squatty potty informational video!



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